The Animal World of Max Rodriguez

General Info

34 x 12 minutes
Target: 7-11 years old
Puppets /Documentary / Comedy
Producer: Echando Globos
Country: Colombia

Broadcasted by: Señalcolombia (Colombia), PakaPaka (Argentina), Canal 11 (Mexico), SerTV (Panama), EcuadorTV (Ecuador), Olympusat (USA)

Winner content creation for kids, Ministry of Culture, Colombia 2011
Winner 7-11 category, Ibero-American Prix Jeunnese Brasil, 2013
Winner MiTV Prize, Nueva Mirada Internacional Festival, Argentina, 2013
Winner Catalina Prize best program for kids, Colombia 2014
Finalist – Best Kids Program, India Catalina, Cartagena, Colombia, March 2016


This is the story of Max Rodríguez, an unexperienced and clumsy explorer whose limited knowledge of the natural world comes from watching documentaries of his heroes Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin.

Max, accompanied by his loyal assistant and friend, Chambimbe, decides to set out on a journey through Latin America in search of the wildest, most elusive species in the Americas.

Their mission:  To study the habits and behavior of interesting animals of many species.

The challenge:  To find the animals and document them.   Their motto: Why take the short and safe road when a long and perilous one exists?