NIMA : Fish in cabecar, a Costa Rican indigenous language.

GASPAR: A prehistoric fish that inhabits the Central American wetlands.
About Nima Gaspar

Since 2012 we have been located in Costa Rica, from where we work to promote a flexible and innovative creative industry. We build and maintain relationships with channels, producers and distributors internationally by attending the main markets of the industry.

Besides distributing content from many countries, we believe in the potential and future of our Central American region. In alliance with Spanish Proi Comunicación, we work together on markets such as Latin America and Iberia.

We keep ourselves open to new ways of collaboration and finding new partners for other businesses related to communication, marketing, production, and digital strategies. At a local level we are involved with the radio industry.


Managing Director

With 10 years of experience, Nella began her career on the television industry while living in Spain, working for animation, live-action and documentary distributors and producers mostly for Western Europe. During this time she began attending major markets like MIPCOM, MIPTV, Cartoon Forum, DISCOP, NATPE, Filmart, Kidscreen and Rio Content Market.