General Info

12 x 50´
3 Seasons
Genre: Cooking, Traveling, Lifestyle
Country: El Salvador
Producer: Acústica A&V
Broadcasted by: Gentevé – El Salvador, Cable Visión – USA, Verizon – USA.


It is summer in the city of San Salvador, Miguel Alvergue, cook by conviction and a passionate traveler, checks his backpack making sure he has all the necessary; Tastes and Places is about to start.

In this trip we will try to discover, learn,and present the culture of our people through their language, cuisine, and history. Miguel knows the best time to share is the meal time, so he prepares his best cuisine tolos and decides to go and embrace the richness awaiting all over the country.

On his way, Miguel will find surprises that have to do with the art of good cusine and the eldery women hold suspiciously. Will Miguel be able to gain their trust and get them to reveal their culinary secrets? Will he be able to conquer us with his culinary offerings?

The answers to all these questions will be answered every week, in each chapter of the series while our traveler visits different places and shares with the people different ways to enjoy cooking.