General Info

98 minutes HD
Director: Soley Bernal
Orquídea Negra in co production with Light and Shadow Productions.
Year of Production: 2017
Genre: Drama
Country: Co Production Costa Rica – México – Colombia

Released in Costa Rica Movie Theaters and soon in Latin America.
Main actors: Alejandra Toussaint & Rafael Rojas
Best Film of the Year, Premios Lo Nuestro Costa Rica 2018
Best Actor, Premios Lo Nuestro Costa Rica 2018.


The 8-year-old son of Ignacio (Rafa Rojas) and Sara (Alejandra Toussant) is dead. Sara wants to divorce and goes into a deep depression, discovering soon that she is pregnant again and must rethink the separation of her husband.

The bad news do not stop hitting this couple; in a check-up examination, Ignacio is diagnosed with a brain tumor and with little time to live. Time becomes a precious gift to leave his life in order and rebuild his relationship with his wife. Sometimes going through the dark will be the only way to find the light.

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