General Info

85 minutes HD
Director: César Caro
Co Production: Películas Plot / Filamento Films
Year of Production: 2010
Genre: Sci fi – Drama – Comedy
Country: Chile – Costa Rica – Bolivia

Broadcasted by: Oceanmedia (Ultra Cine) US Hispanics, Ecuador

Winner – Best Film, Ícaro Film and Video Central American Festival


THIRD WORLD is a film that combines comedy and science fiction to tell three stories related to extraterrestrial phenomena that are about to occur in Latin America. Each story is centered on the life of three young people who want to change their lives and are looking for a way to make their dreams come true. First there’s Juan: He lives in Santiago de Chile and he firmly believes that a meteorite will crash into the city. He impulsively kidnaps the girl of his dreams, figuring that he will rescue her from the impending catastrophe. Then, up north, in the Bolivian Altiplano, there`s Amaya, who is trying to leave her native city of La Paz and head to Central America in search of her father. But before this can possibly happen, she must witness a historic solar eclipse that will likely eclipse her own dreams. Finally, even further north, in Costa Rica,  there’s Richi, a young mechanic  who travels to lakes and volcanoes with the hope of finding the extraterrestrial lights that will help him get his girlfriend back, who left him for a fine looking foreigner. What Richi doesn’t´t know, is that this trip is going to give his life a new twist. The three stories unfold in parallel and underneath one same Latin American sky, revealing the other face of the “Third World, one that has to do with young people, the imagination, and the fantastic sides of these cultures.