General Info

90 mins HD
Director: Óscar Castillo
Co production: OC Producciones LLT (Costa Rica) / Orsay Troupe SRL (Argentina) / Estudios Orosí (Costa Rica) / with the support of the Ibermedia Program (Spain)
Year of production: 2010
Country: Costa Rica-Argentina

Broascasted by: Ultra Cine (US Hispanics), Public Broadcasting Latin American Channels part of Ibermedia.

Best Editing Award the the Paz con la Tierra International Film Festival, Costa Rica.


Federico and German are great friends that faced dictatorships and fought for the people during their youth. After many years, Federico has become a commercial´s producer along with his young wife. However he hasn’t abandoned the idea of producing a movie he has been maturing for a long time. He has tried to get investors interest on hi projects without any success, among them a guerrilla love story.

German lives away from the city at “El Refugio” and is dedicated to paint and capture on his paints the attempt of a revolution and the mourning of his wife´s loss.