Disgustingly Tasty

General Info


10 episodes under pre production

Mixed media / Cooking show / Comedy / Target 7-11
Broadcasted Señalcolombia (Colombia) Ecuador TV (Ecuador) IPE TV (Peru)

Winner of the “Estímulos” Call for Production from the Ministry of Culture, Colombia 2014
Children´s Jury Selection at Comkids Prix Jeunesse, Brazil, 2015.
Finalist as Best Children’s Program, India Catalina Awards. Cartagena, March 2016
Finalist at Prix Jeunesse International. Munich, May 2016
Nominated for the International Kids Emmy Awards 2017 on the factual category.


Marta the rat and Mirta the cockroach, lovers of modern cuisine, host a cooking show for children where “disgustingly tasty” recipes are the main course. Each dish is prepared with healthy and usual ingredients, with an unusual name and presentation, the kind of dish you would never prepare in a conventional kitchen.

It’s just a Portobello mushroom with pesto? Or an smashed toad on its own sauce? Jelly with raisins or insects jelly? Each simple recipe becomes a magical, mutant creation! Each disgustingly tasty!